Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Here are more old-school, Ral Partha AD&D minis I painted for a client.  They are Gibberlings--an obscure monster that originally appeared in the Fiend Folio.  They seem to be based on the idea of Morlocks from The Time Machine, and to my knowledge, they never had a starring role in any of the old modules.

Like all the old Ral Partha stuff, these guys are pretty small.  The arms did not come attached, but had to be glued on.  It's nice for purposes of varying the position of the models, but there is a noticable gap that had to be filled with putty.  The figures were glued to some 25mm square bases, which were then textured to blend smoothly into the integral bases on the models.  

Here are a couple shots of a single Gibberling:

And here are some group shots (there are 24 in all):

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