Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I got to paint some 1980s or 90s-era Ral Partha D&D figures on commission recently.  It had been so long since I even handled such old-school figs that I had forgotten what they are like.  For one, they are so much smaller than the figs out there today.  There is still a lot of detail, but it's shallower and not as crisp as the current GW or Privateer press stuff.  As a consequence, trying to highlight with individual brushstrokes is basically impossible.  You need to use techniques like drybrushing and washes that let the paint to the work for you.

The specific models I painted are Ral Partha Vegepygmies -- a monster that first appeared ht the classic AD&D module "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks."  Painting these guys brought back memories of playing that adventure.  It was a was in intrusion of Sci-Fi in a fantasy realm, and I remember there was a separate picture book in the module for the GM to use and show the players pictures of what they were facing.  Good times ...

Anyway, the Vegepygmy models were in 3 poses.  There is a version with a club and 2 versions with spears.  Here's what they look like up close:

The models have integral bases cast as part of the figure.  The client wanted them on 20mm square bases, so I glued them on to bases provided by the client, and built up the area around the integral bases with texture to make it seamless.  Here's the whole set of 56 together:

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