Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I am not going to use a Slann at Buckeye Battles, and it has nothing to do with game-play.  The real reason is because I love this model:

The Carnosaur itself is unmodified except for the custom-sculpted base.  The rider is a modified Kroq-Gar.  The head was sawn off and replaced with the head from the Temple Guard sprue.  I cut the fingers off the left hand and used green stuff to resculpt it into an armored gauntlet that looks wrapped around the handle of a shield.  The shield itself is from a bits pack ("Lizardmen Oldblood Shields") available through Games Workshop.  The big sword is custom sculpted from a piece of plasticard for the blade and green stuff for the details.  Finally, I took a couple of identical banner-top type bits, cut the skull off one, and put them together into a round shape to make the totem (and cut down the top of the spear that serves as the pole). 

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