Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting a Quote and Starting a Project

Getting a Quote

I paint models from any manufacturer and any gaming system.  Send me a list of what you want to have painted, and I will give you a quote and estimated schedule back within 24 hours.  I can also send you a spreadsheet you can play around with to see how much a project for a particular army would cost.

In your request for a quote, please indicate the following:

1.     Whether you will be providing the models or whether you would like me to obtain them.  If you are supplying the models, you can either send the models to me (at your cost) or you can order the models from an online retailer or other source and have them shipped directly to me.  If you would like me to obtain the models, I can provide models for most major gaming systems (WHFB, WH40K, Warmachine, Hordes for example) and can charge 20% off the regular US retail price.

2.     Whether the models are assembled or unassembled.  If you are buying or sending me new models, they will obviously not be assembled, and there will be an additional charge for assembly.  If you are sending me models that you have already assembled, you'll save a bit of money.

3.     A description of the general paint scheme you would like.  I can't guarantee that I can match the work of others, but pictures or links to pictures of miniatures you would like emulated are always helpful.

4.     A description of the basing scheme you would like.  Again, pictures or links to pictures are helpful.

5.     Whether you need movement trays for any models or units.

6.     Your address so I can estimate the cost of shipping -- I will ship anywhere in the world.

Starting the Project & Payment Terms

Before I start a project, I require a deposit equal to the cost of the miniatures (if I am getting them for you) plus 50% of the quoted cost of painting and assembly.  The remaining 50% of the painting and assembly plus the cost of shipping will be due upon the completion of the project and prior to shipping.

Although I can estimate the cost of shipping up front, it is only an estimate.  The client will be responsible for the actual cost of shipping with the service of the buyer's choice.  If available, the client must choose a service that provides delivery confirmation.  Regardless of the service used, the client bears all risk of loss or mis-delivery.

I do pack all models very carefully in order to minimize the risk of damage.  There is no additional charge for packaging.

Payments should be made through PayPal to  The models will be shipped to the address you provided at the outset unless you inform me otherwise (additional charges may apply).

Project Completion, Approval and Refund Policy

When a project is done, I will email pictures to you for final approval.  I am willing to make minor alterations or touch-ups at this stage at no additional cost.

If you don't like the final result, you do not have to pay the remaining balance due.  However, I generally do not give refunds for the painting/modeling portion of the job, but only for the miniatures themselves.  And if I do give a refund related to painting/modeling (at my discretion), the refund will only be in the form of store credit (i.e., the amount you already paid can be applied to a new project -- I do not give cash back).  If you sent models to me or ordered them for shipment to me, I will pay you via PayPal 50% of the US retail price of the models.  I do not refund shipping or PayPal charges.

If models are not paid for within 30 days of project completion, all deposits are forfeited and I will attempt to find another buyer.

Standard Painting and Basing Styles

If I send you a standardized price list, that list assumes a relatively simple paint scheme, no conversions, and that the basing is done in a standard style (textured, painted, and static grass or flock).  Note that a standard level paint scheme from me is close to the higher-end paint schemes from most other studios out there -- I apply multiple layers of paint, and I paint eyes, buckles and other details as a matter of course.  Complex paint schemes or patterns, special techniques (non-metallic metal, for example), conversion, or scenic basing will be extra.  Let me know what you want and I'm happy to discuss. All models will be sprayed with 2 coats of gloss varnish (for protection) and then 1 coat of matte to kill the shine from the gloss.    

Movement Trays and Display Boards

I can do movement trays, magnetized movement trays, and custom scenic display boards -- let me know what you want and I'll quote you a price.